Sunday, October 18, 2015

"Northern Soul" premier at the Nitehawk Cinema!

"Northern Soul" Premier at the Nitehawk Cinema

On September 16th 2015 Elaine Constantine's film "Northern Soul" was screened at the independent theater "Nitehawk Cinemas" in Brooklyn, New York and the event was hosted by Kurtis Powers, host of "The Face Radio". Before the theater was opened I sat down in the theaters bar while a DJ spun Northern Soul classics. Fred Perry provided the employees with their own Polo's, which I admired in envy, it'll be the first thing on my Christmas list this year. I devoured some steak tidbits as I tapped my feet and took a moment to look over my day. I discovered my debit card had been frozen as I tried to buy a Metro ticket, which led me to miss my intended train causing me to arrive in Brooklyn much later than I attended. But on the train there I realized how minuscule my problem was in comparison to the legions of Soulies who made their Hajj to Wigan, the Wheel and the other countless dance halls where this movement exploded. When the call came to enter the cinema In took a seat next to a couple, their accents betraying England as their country of origin. Before the film itself started we were shown various clips related to the film, the music video to Dobie Gray's "Out On the Floor", an advertisement for the Soviet made "Lada" and of course the classic frisbee in electrical station PSA, The comments from the couple were hilarious enough, but the movie would turn out to both meet and exceed my expectations. 

             A mix of hilarious comedy, floor fillers and excellent acting, "Northern Soul" was a wonderful and completely lovable depiction of the scene. Even the darker portions of the scene including the abuse of amphetamines was tackled and handled well, but in a movie like this the most important aspect is the soundtrack, which was impeccable. I wasn't alive for this movement, nor was I even born in the country it originated from, but while watching this film I felt the need to jump into my car and tag along with these characters to Wigan, even if that required traversing the Atlantic Ocean. It would've been worth it. After the films conclusion we all returned to the bar to get out our own energy after watching the actors dance for the duration of the film, After working up numerous sweats I called it a night, bid Kurtis farewell and traveled back to Grand Central, only to find out that Metro North stops running after 2 am, After a $91 fair back to White Plains I returned to my campus, my feet blistered but my soul burning. I laid down and dozed off to Frankie Valli's "The Night" as I imagined myself in the middle of Wigan, with nothing but the music in my ears. Keep the Faith.

A thank you to Fred PerryMod Cup CoffeeArt Gallery ClothingThe Face Radio and Kurtis Powers, and of course the folks at Nitehawk Cinema for an amazing night!

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