Friday, July 18, 2014

First Post: An Introduction

Hello readers and fellow Mods, Skins, Soulies, Hipsters, Jivers, Ravers, Stylists, Suedes, Greasers, Rockers and whatever else you want to call yourself. I decided on a whim to create this blog after looking through some of the other Mod-related blogs on the internet that seem to be...unkempt, which as we know isn't very Mod like at all. Hopefully it provides an outlet to all people interested in Mod culture, specifically Americans like myself who are interested in the scene, and would like a one stop spot to fuel that passion. As for myself, I am an ardent Modernist (if that makes any sense) and have a passion for Suits, Scooters, Soul and whatever else starts with an S...... the Small Faces! See, it's that easy. Now in the words of Steve Marriott, come on children and indulge in the wonderful world of Mod.

                                             Tamla Motown 

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