Friday, July 18, 2014

The Above: Brooklyn's R&B/Garage Sensations

Few bands have really hooked me like these guys have. After one listen to the fantastic "My Love" from 2012 I bought all 3 of their 7"'s right then and there, and what a good decision! A lot of bands try too hard to sound exactly like their 60's counterparts, but the Above have successfully dug out their own distinctive style that is as infectious as any other classic garage band. They have released two albums as of now, a self titled and the new "Waterbury Street". They recently appeared on "The Face", a Mod and Soul internet radio station on BBOX Radio Brooklyn, and provided a hilarious banter with Kurtis Powers, a prominent DJ in the Brooklyn Mod Scene. The songs showcased from their new album on the show are wonderful and you can check them out on the bands Bandcamp profile or by listening to "The Face" show that features them, which I very much suggest. They recently performed at "The Gutter" on the 11th but are performing at the hip joint Hank's Saloon on August 16th with another fabulous band "Quitty and the Dont's" and "Muck & the Mires" along with "The Stents". Take a listen, but be careful, you might get hooked!

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