Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dig the New Breed: The Best New Bands Hitting the Scene Pt.2

   First off I'd like to say thank you so much for the unbelievable response to part 1 of this series. It means a lot to see my writing get that much exposure and appreciation and just shows how great the entire Mod community and scene is! Now let's talk music.

Nick Waterhouse 

When someone asks me who my favorite new artist is, Nick Waterhouse is always the answer. A powerhouse of the most stylistic and smoke filled bar-esque American R&B, this California native has created 2 LP's that stand toe to toe with any of the greats. I won't compare Nick to anyone else, one reason being he doesn't seem to like it when people do, but also because he truly has his own sound. Personally I listen to Ray Charles along with him, so if anything theres your comparison. With 2012's "Time's All Gone" and 2014's "Holly" under his belt Mr.Waterhouse already has quite the resume. But after you've listened to both albums 20 times over you'll understand why he's on this list. 


Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings

    From the simply amazing "Daptone Records" out of Brooklyn, New York comes Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. This group serves as the face of Daptone and there's a reason for it. With 5 albums to date this group delivers hard hitting soul that'll get anybody's feet moving. 


The Riots


        Mod Revival from General Winter. All the heavy lyrics and pop sensibility of The Jam are what you'll find with Russia's "The Riots". Currently on a tour of Europe, these guys pack a punch and offer a serving of power pop that'll have you riding your Lambretta around Red Square until Vlad comes out and joins ya!

The Urges

    Pyschedelic Beat and haunting reverb effects. The Urges, formed 2003 in Dublin, Ireland, provide that hard hitting garage sound that gets your heart racing and your feet tapping. With one LP and a few singles, The Urges are a must listen for any freakbeat fans and Mods in general. 


The Strypes 

  And one more band from Ireland! I've already written another article on The Strypes so go check that out for a more in depth review. But to keep it plain and simple, these are guys you definitely want to keep your eyes on. 


That it for Part 2! I promise that Part 3 will come out MUCH FASTER than Part 2 did! If you liked the article share it with your friends to remind them that Mod is still Modern!

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